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When it comes to cleanup after a disaster strikes, your policyholders turn to you for advice and next steps. And you can turn to Furniture Medic to salvage and restore their furniture, cabinetry and more.

Your policyholders have suffered a disaster. It’s time to turn to local Furniture Medic technicians to get on-site and right to work salvaging countertops and repairing cabinetry, furniture, millwork and more. By choosing experienced disaster restoration experts, you save money and get your policyholders back into their homes faster. Which means fewer hassle and headaches for both of you.

Types of Disaster Damage Restored by Furniture Medic

No matter what type of disaster Mother Nature causes, our technicians have the skills to clean, repair, restore and reinstall many of the damaged pieces that make a home, well, a home. Common repairs after a severe weather disaster include:

If the property is safe and secure, work can be completed onsite. If damage is extensive, our technicians will safely remove items off-site, including cabinetry, to allow mitigation professionals to complete their work with fewer obstructions.

5 Benefits of Choosing Disaster Restoration Services

In times like this, having a go-to, trusted partner to complete repair work safely, swiftly and efficiently can make all the difference. When you team up with Furniture Medic, you gain:

  1. Valuable insurance claims experience. We’re used to working closely with insurance professionals, so you’ll have everything you need from documentation to project completion.
  2. Best-in-class emergency cabinet removal service. Nearly 95% of cabinet damage can be fixed. And with emergency cabinet removal, your policyholders will save time and money, while you save on additional living expenses (ALE).
  3. Access to our insurance carrier vendor program. The Quality Furniture Restoration (QFR) vendor program provides you and your policyholders consistent, quality results no matter their location. Plus, by offering a “repair vs. replace” option for cabinet and furniture claims, we see an average increased savings of:
    $4,900 excluding additional living expenses (ALE) for cabinetry
    $2,800 for furniture
  4. Centralized dispatching and a national reach. One number — 1-800-RESPOND? — connects you to your local Furniture Medic.
  5. Insured, professionally identified and background-checked repair and restoration technicians. National training and education programs mean you get a consistent approach, service and quality every time.

Get Started with Disaster Repair & Restoration Experts Near You

Help your policyholders recover from a disaster and get back to their normal. Reach out via the following:

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