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Insurance carriers can save time and money after their policyholders have experienced damage from water, smoke, fire or vandalism with Furniture Medic.

When your policyholders need furniture and cabinetry disaster restoration help, partnering with Furniture Medic as your go-to resource means quality repairs and fewer headaches for both you and your policyholders.

Understanding Furniture & Cabinetry Disaster Restoration

How does a repair or restoration of furniture and cabinetry qualify as disaster restoration?  

When cabinet or furniture damage (also known as “loss”) occurs outside of a policyholder’s control, the resulting repairs qualify as disaster restoration. Loss could occur from water leaks from appliances or burst pipes, fires, storms, burglary, vandalism, mold and more.

What’s the difference between disaster mitigation and disaster restoration? 

Disaster mitigation, which usually involves cleaning up and drying out after water or fire damage, stops further damage from occurring. This may include boarding up windows, structurally securing a roof or adding a protective tarp to prevent more damage due to the disaster. However, no repair or restoration is completed.

Disaster restoration, on the other hand, repairs and restores the impacted space to pre-loss condition or better. Furniture Medic’s trained and certified technicians get your policyholders back to normal at home or at work by restoring cabinetry and furniture.

What do furniture and cabinetry disaster restoration companies do? 

After a major disaster strikes a home or business, including fire, flood, accident or act of vandalism, the biggest priority you and your policyholders is to get that back into their restored space safely and quickly. Unfortunately, these types of disasters can wreak havoc on wood furniture, millwork and cabinetry, particularly excess water and smoke. The good news? Often, these items may not need to be totally replaced. 

Trained Furniture Medic restoration experts can repair water- and smoke-damaged cabinets, furniture, doors, floors and millwork from color-matching to structural stability and everything in between. Furniture Medic even offers a best-in-class Emergency Cabinet Removal (ECR) service which safely removes only affected cabinets and braces countertops in place to increase habitability. This salvages the countertops and unaffected cabinets and avoids costly replacement.

How Furniture & Cabinetry Disaster Restoration Professionals Can Help Me

What is the average cost of water damage restoration for furniture and cabinetry?  

On average, the cost of restoring cabinets and furniture after water damage can run between $1,000 - $5,000, with an average cost of about $3,000 for repairs. Your trusted Furniture Medic technicians will evaluate and estimate the repairs and restoration needed to give your policyholders a better understanding of what’s to come.

How does partnering with Furniture Medic help save money for insurance carriers?

By offering a “repair vs. replace” option to insurance carriers, Furniture Medic provides increased savings opportunities on cabinetry and furniture claims. Plus, additional living expenses (ALE) may also decrease due to the ability for many homeowners to remain in a functional and habitable home during the restoration process.

Average savings per claim:

  • Cabinetry: $4,900 (excluding ALE)
  • Furniture: $2,800

And for priceless pieces like antiques and family heirlooms, our expert technicians handle restoration with care.

Is there a national vendor program insurance carriers can join for furniture and cabinetry disaster restoration needs? 

Yes, by joining Furniture Medic’s Medic Restoration Network (MRN) Program, you get access to resources and services for you and your policyholders. 

Designed to work directly with insurance carriers to help increase savings opportunities and decrease ALE, the MRN program also offers continuing education classes and webinars, a national network of certified and trained local business owners throughout the U.S., centralized dispatching for ease of service, built-in response timelines and much more.

What are the benefits to my business for partnering with Furniture Medic disaster restoration services? 

In addition to accessing trained and professional technicians to repair and restore your policyholders’ residential or commercial cabinetry and furniture, you also get peace of mind. No matter the location, each Furniture Medic technician is insured, certified, professionally identified and background-checked. 

The Benefits of Choosing Furniture Medic for Disaster Restoration

When it comes time to validate damage-related repair and restoration needs for cabinetry, furniture and other items like antiques, molding, millwork and more, you and your policyholders can trust Furniture Medic. As a preferred vendor for many insurance carriers, we understand the need to keep you informed and updated throughout the process and create a streamlined approach for collaboration.

Ready to Partner with Local Furniture and Cabinetry Disaster Restoration Experts?

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