Before & After: Furniture and Cabinetry Disaster Restoration & Repair

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When disaster strikes, turn to trained Furniture Medic technicians to get your policyholders’ cabinetry and furniture back to pre-loss condition.

See firsthand what our expert technicians can do for your policyholders when faced with a disaster from water, fire, smoke or vandalism damage. Furniture Medic’s disaster restoration services help save your policyholders on time out of their property and money by restoring instead of opting for a total replacement of damaged cabinetry. 

Real-Life Cabinet Restoration

Whether your policyholders’ cabinetry bears structural damage or surface-level finish blemishes, Furniture Medic technicians have the skillset to bring each piece back to pre-loss condition. Almost 95% of cabinetry can be repaired and restored after damage, and the following real-life examples show you what’s possible.

Repair Kitchen Island Cabinets after Dishwasher Disaster

Water-damaged kitchen island braced during restoration

water damaged kitchen island after restoration

Furniture Medic TTL Furniture and Cabinet Restoration in Centennial, CO

After a dishwasher supply line leak, these damaged kitchen island cabinets needed some help. Trained Furniture Medic technicians removed the impacted cabinets while supporting the countertops, sink and plumbing in place. This allowed the homeowner to stay in their home and continue to use the kitchen. After repair off-site, the cabinets were custom color-matched and reinstalled along with side panels, toe kick and trim. 

Brace Kitchen Island to Minimize Disruption

kitchen island during ecr

kitchen island after ecr

Furniture Medic On Call in San Leandro, CA & Rancho Cordova, CA 

When the insured experienced a dishwasher supply link leak that went undetected until the side and back panels of the cabinetry began to discolor and swell, mitigation professionals had to be brought in to stop further damage. Fortunately, Furniture Medic technicians were able to perform the emergency cabinet removal (ECR) service in a little more than a day. The countertop was braced so the kitchen remained functional for the homeowners. The drawers, doors and face frames were successfully saved and reinstalled along with color-matched side and back panels. The insured was able to save 60% on the replacement estimate by restoring their cabinetry. 

On-Site Cabinet Restoration to Save Tiled Countertop 

granite countertop before

granite countertop after

Furniture Medic by Bluegrass Furniture Restoration in Lexington and Central Kentucky

After a significant water leak damaged the interior of a kitchen sink cabinet, the insured wanted to minimize damage risk to their tiled countertop. Instead of a traditional cabinet removal, countertop brace and rebuild, Furniture Medic technicians were able to work with the homeowner to repair and restore the cabinetry in place. 

Bathroom Vanity Fabrication for Vintage Cast-Iron Countertop & Sink

bath cabinet before


bath cabinet after

Furniture Medic by MasterCare Experts in Carol Stream, IL

After substantial water damage rusted through the inside of a vintage metal bathroom cabinet, the customers wanted to salvage the cast-iron countertop and sink. The damage to the 50-year-old base was too much to save, but Furniture Medic technicians were able to fabricate a cabinet to the exact specifications. With expert color matching — and even refurbishing the original hardware — the new wooden vanity cabinet not only properly supports the 200-pound countertop and sink, it looks like an original, too.

The Benefits of Choosing Furniture Medic for Furniture and Cabinetry Disaster Restoration

When you need a trusted partner for your policyholders’ disaster restoration needs, rely on Furniture Medic’s Quality Furniture Restoration (QFR) vendor program. We’ve designed it to work directly with insurance carriers, and you gain access to a valuable partnership, competitive advantages, professional expertise and increase savings opportunities. 

  • By being a vendor partner, you gain access to Continuing Education (CE) courses and virtual webinars to help guide your policyholders during disaster recovery.
  • Competitive advantages include access to a nationwide network of Furniture Medic business owners and centralized dispatching through one call center at 1-800-RESPOND.
  • Tap into the professional expertise of our furniture and cabinetry restoration specialists. Each technician is insured, certified, professionally identified and background-checked. Plus, we have built-in response times to meet insurance-industry demands.
  • See an average savings of $4,900 (excluding additional living expenses) on “repair vs. replace” option on cabinet claims for your policyholders.

Find Furniture and Cabinetry Disaster Repair & Restoration Experts Near You

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