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From validating water damage claims to restoring fire-damaged cabinetry, expert Furniture Medic technicians work with you and your policyholders to get them back to their normal.

When a major water, fire, smoke or vandalism event damages your policyholders’ furniture, cabinetry or other property, consider repair and restoration. Instead of opting for a total replacement, you can save time and money by choosing Furniture Medic.

How Furniture Medic Benefits My Policyholders & Me

Experiencing a disaster is difficult enough. You and your policyholders need a disaster restoration team you can trust to get the work done safely and efficiently. And that’s when Furniture Medic comes in.

What are common types of disaster repair and restoration work?

Furniture Medic technicians examine damage and assess severity after a disaster, including issues caused by water. Common disaster restoration and repair work includes:

What is the average savings for choosing the restore option versus a total replacement?

On top of increased savings opportunities on cabinetry and furniture claims for a “repair vs. replace” option, additional living expenses (ALE) may also decrease since the homeowners may be able to remain in a functioning, habitable home during restoration.

On average, we see the below savings per claim:

  • $4,900 (excluding ALE) for cabinetry
  • $2,800 for furniture
How does Furniture Medic decrease additional living expenses (ALE) for my policyholders?

Through our Emergency Cabinet Removal service, for example, we’re able to maintain a functional space for the homeowners so they can stay in their residence during restoration. And when they can stay in-home, additional living expenses are no longer necessary.

Why Partner with Furniture Medic for Your Insurance Claims

When you choose Furniture Medic to get your policyholders back to their normal, you get a trusted partner with a nationwide network of technicians to meet your needs.

What can I expect when I work with Furniture Medic for insurance claims?

Furniture Medic technicians work closely with insurance adjusters to evaluate, validate and assess repair and restoration needs for insurance claims. As your partner, we’ll provide all required documentation and keep you and your policyholder up-to-date throughout the process.

What does Furniture Medic provide for insurance claim documentation?

You receive a full inspection report, including estimates for repair and replacement, as well as photo documentation. We also support photo and video estimates if needed.

How often do you communicate with insurance claims adjusters during the repair process?

We communicate with you as often as needed to ensure you — and your policyholder — peace of mind. We collaborate with mitigation companies, too, to coordinate work and make sure your policyholder’s needs are met.

What national insurance companies do you work with?

Nationally, we partner with Liberty Mutual, Allstate and Farmers Insurance Group through our Medic Restoration Network (MRN) insurance carrier program.

What is the MRN program?

For insurance carriers, the MRN program supports your policyholder insurance claims by connecting you with qualified, experienced technicians to complete repair and restoration projects throughout the country.

What are the benefits of joining the MRN program?

By joining the MRN program, you also gain access to:

  • Trusted partnership and continuing education
  • Competitive advantages and centralized dispatching
  • Professional execution by insured, professionally identified and background-checked technicians
  • Increased savings through repair vs. replace options
Do you offer both commercial and residential insurance claims services?

While we focus mainly on residential insurance claims, we do offer support for commercial needs.

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