Renew your home with repair and restoration services for cabinetry, furniture, woodwork and more from Furniture Medic.

Your home is lived in — and it’s likely showing that wear and tear. Whether you’ve chosen to fill your living spaces with traditional furniture and decor, mid-century modern furnishings or cherished heirlooms, each piece represents you and your personal style. 

Well-loved furniture and wood surfaces can become scratched, nicked and dented through normal wear and tear. You may even find cabinetry or other furniture with structural and joint damage after repeated use. Spills, stains and watermarks can cause unsightly blemishes.

And because you’ve invested time and money in selecting the perfect furniture and fixtures for your home, don’t throw out those damaged items. Instead, rely on Furniture Medic technicians to get your cabinetry, furniture, millwork and more back in company-ready condition.

3 Benefits of Repairing vs. Replacing Furniture, Millwork & More

Whether an eyesore, an inconvenience or a hazard, damage to your furniture and other decor doesn’t automatically mean it’s destined for the dump. From small nicks to joinery issues, trained technicians can often repair and renew your pieces and extend their lifetime. Opting to work with what you have can lead to big impacts, including:

  • Real cost-savings. When you choose repair over replacement, you’re making a wallet-friendly decision to fix what you have instead of choosing an entirely new piece. Plus, partnering with Furniture Medic means we have the tools, materials and experience to get it done efficiently and effectively.
  • Positive environmental impact. You’re not only keeping furniture and other items from a landfill, you’re also minimizing the carbon footprint and natural resource depletion of manufacturing a new piece.
  • Preserving sentimental value and quality. Lived-in furniture and decor becomes part of your story, and thoughtful repair work makes sure it's around for even longer. Particularly for heirlooms, one-of-a-kind flea market finds and antiques, even minor repairs can increase the estimated value.

Common Types of Residential Repairs & Restoration

Damage comes in all shapes and sizes, and your local Furniture Medic has the furniture repair experience to bring your items back to their former glory, including:

What It’s Like to Work with Furniture Medic

When you choose the Furniture Medic near you, you’ll work with experienced, trained technicians to first evaluate your damaged furniture, millwork or cabinetry and provide an estimate. Then based on your schedule, your technician will coordinate the repair and restoration of your property for a time convenient to you. While most repairs can happen onsite, furniture or cabinets may be moved off site for more in-depth service. 

Find a Repair & Restoration Expert Near You

If you’re ready to tackle your to-do list, reach out to your local Furniture Medic technician today. You can discuss your needs and determine your next steps together.