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By salvaging cabinetry and countertops, we save insurance carriers time, money and headaches when it comes to post-disaster restoration work.

Bring value, quality, and peace of mind to your policyholders in need of cabinet repair and restoration after a disaster by choosing Furniture Medic. Your local team of trusted technicians restores damaged cabinetry with our exclusive Emergency Cabinet Removal (ECR) service to cut down on costs and time.

When Do Policyholders Need Emergency Cabinet Removal

Cabinetry can account for almost 30% of kitchen remodel costs according to HomeAdvisor, so being able to salvage what you can after a disaster can really impact the bottom line. If property damage comes from fire, water, smoke or vandalism, nearly 95% of cabinetry can be safely removed and repaired off-site.

Specially trained Furniture Medic technicians work in tandem with mitigation professionals to identify cabinets with structural damage, water damage, surface blemishes, and more that can be restored to pre-loss condition through our ECR service. Removing cabinetry — while securely bracing countertops in place — also provides easier access to those hard-to-reach areas to stop further damage from occurring.

Understanding Our ECR Process

With emergency cabinet removal, your policyholders can avoid replacing an entire kitchen. 

  1. Claim assignment is sent to Furniture Medic for the affected cabinets.
  2. Adjuster and policyholder approve Furniture Medic to perform the ECR service.
  3. Furniture Medic carefully removes the affected cabinetry and safely braces countertops, making mitigation easier.
  4. Affected cabinets are brought back to shop and Furniture Medic prepares and sends the estimate for repairs and reinstallation.
  5. Estimate is approved, cabinets are repaired and reinstalled.
  6. Carrier releases payment to Furniture Medic.

What’s Different About Our Premium ECR Service

Keeping all parties informed and up to date is our priority. We work directly with mitigation professionals, insurance claims representatives, and the property owners to make sure timelines, expectations, paperwork and cabinet restoration meet their needs.

Plus, by avoiding an entire kitchen replacement, you help your policyholders minimize time spent out of their home and save on additional living expenses.

And if other types of property have been damaged in addition to cabinetry, our technicians can also assess furniture, millwork and molding, antiques and more. To learn more about our Medic Restoration Network (MRN) vendor program, contact us today

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