Professional On-Site Cabinet Cleaning & Touch-Up Services

In less than one day, the cabinets in your kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, library and more can get a total refresh.

Banish grease, grime and gunk from your cabinets without any of the elbow grease. Trust Furniture Medic’s expert technicians to deep clean visible cabinet surfaces, repair minor wear-and-tear issues and bring that sparkle back to your cabinets.

And on top of that sparkle and shine, professional cabinet clean-up services will help extend the life of your cabinets, enhance durability and ensure cabinet drawers and hardware work flawlessly.

Our Cabinet Cleaning & Touch-Up Process

When you choose Furniture Medic, you choose professionally trained technicians that know cabinet repair, renewal, restoration and refacing inside and out. With our Cabinet Cleaning & Touch-Up services, we work with your schedule — and often get the job done in a day — minimizing disruption to you and your family. 

Cabinet Prep

For every job, we prepare the cabinetry and surrounding area to minimize mess and disturbance. 

  • Set up containment.
  • Cover countertops, contents inside cabinets, appliances and floor.
  • Close off doors to the cabinet area, cover vents in the cabinet area and use an air scrubber to keep any odors contained if needed.

Cabinet Cleaning and Touch-Up Services

For professional on-site cabinet cleaning services, you can expect thorough detailing of your cabinet surfaces regardless of finish. And if you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, your cabinets can take a beating. If you don't use the right products and process to clean your cabinets, damage can occur. 

With our professional on-site cabinet cleaning and touch-up services, we:

  • Remove years of grime, buildup, food splatter and makeup,
  • Bring your cabinets back to their original beauty, making your cabinets sparkle, shine and show their wood grain again,
  • Extend the life of cabinets and enhance their durability from further damage,
  • Repair the wear, hide years of abuse and fix those “uh-ohs,"
  • And usually complete the process within a day.

Furniture Medic Cabinetry Services

Our insured, professionally identified and background-checked repair and restoration technicians receive training and education through our national program. On top of cabinet cleaning and touch-up services, we also offer a full suite of cabinetry repair and restoration techniques: 

  • Professional cleaning
  • Touch-up and color replacement as needed using precision wood repair products to restore cabinet finishes
  • Nicks, gouges, scratch repairs, finish restoration, peeling and chipping finish and paint repair
  • Color replacement where needed (cabinet fronts, panels, edges and molding)
  • Custom color fills for difficult to match painted cabinets, glazed cabinets and millwork
  • New hinge and hardware replacement
  • Drawer box repair or replacement

And for a whole new look, we're the experts in cabinet refinishing, painting and cabinet refacing. Get the feel of a brand-new kitchen for a fraction of replacement costs.

Find Cabinet Cleaning & Touch-Up Pros Near You

Not sure what you need for your cabinets? Contact us to discuss options. Reach out to your local Furniture Medic technician today.

And if you would like to schedule routine cabinet cleaning and touch-up services (every six to 12 months), ask about our Cabinet Maintenance Program.