Cabinet Cleaning & Touch-Ups Before & Afters

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Cabinet cleaning and touch-up services are affordable and efficient. Learn how the trained technicians from Furniture Medic can help you transform your cabinets and your home.

Getting the cabinet transformation you’ve always wanted is easier than you think. Instead of opting for messy and expensive cabinet replacement, start with professional cabinet cleaning and touch-ups. These services won’t disrupt your daily life and are highly affordable. Discover how the skilled technicians at Furniture Medic can help you revitalize your home.

The Benefits of Cabinet Cleaning and Touch-Ups

When you choose Furniture Medic, you choose professionally trained technicians that know the ins and outs of cabinet transformation services. You might be wondering how much of a difference thorough cleanings and touch-ups can make, but once you see the results you won’t have any doubts. Here are some of the many benefits you can expect from cabinet cleaning and touch-ups.

Transform the Appearance

When you see your cabinets constantly, it can be hard to notice the grease, grime and gunk that builds up over time. With a deep cleaning, your cabinets will look straight off the showroom floor, brightening your kitchen or bathrooms and creating a whole new look. Touch-ups complete the process, eliminating the appearance of wear and tear like nicks, scratches or gouges.

Save Money

Cabinet replacement can easily escalate into tens of thousands of dollars worth of expenses. Even if your cabinets look dirty or dingy, that doesn’t mean they’re beyond saving. Furniture Medic technicians are trained to handle even the most stubborn stains or scratches, and will do it at a fraction of the price of replacement.

Minimal Disruption

Another big benefit of professional cabinet cleaning and touch-ups is that all the work can be handled on-site. This means you don’t have to turn your life upside down to get the transformation you’ve always wanted. Furniture Medic technicians work around your schedule at times that are convenient, and can often finish the job in a single day.

Extend the Life

Beyond the immediate results, cabinet cleaning and touch-ups set you up for success in the future. Seemingly simple cabinet touch-ups and repairs not only hide years of wear, they also enhance durability from further damage. You can even schedule routine cabinet cleaning and touch-up services with the Furniture Medic Cabinet Maintenance Program to keep them protected.

The Cabinet Cleaning & Touch-Up Process

At Furniture Medic our technicians are highly trained and have decades of experience to back it up. We can help identify cleaning solutions for just about any situation we encounter. On top of that, the entire process can usually be completed in only a single day. Here’s an overview of the steps in the cabinet cleaning process:

  1. Cabinet assessment. Furniture Medic technicians will come to your home and assess your cabinets. They’ll carefully listen to your needs and craft a plan to tackle any issues so you get the exact results you want.
  2. Cabinet prep. For every job, technicians prepare the cabinetry and surrounding areas to minimize mess and disturbance. They will set up containment, cover countertops, appliances and floors and vent the area to keep any odors contained.
  3. Gentle cleaning. Technicians use low-odor, water-based products whenever possible. The cleaning process uses a gentle degreaser cleaner to remove food spills, dirt and grimy build-up without damaging the cabinet finish.
  4. Touch-ups. Once your cabinets have been thoroughly cleaned, technicians will perform touch-ups that make scratches, gouges, nicks and dents disappear. On occasion a cabinet door or drawer front might have to be removed for restoration, but this work is handled on-site.
  5. Clean up. Cabinet cleaning means technicians will also leave your home in immaculate condition. In addition to preventative measures to minimize mess while working, they’ll leave no trace when the job is done. The only thing you’ll be left with is perfect cabinets.
  6. Cabinet maintenance. After the cleaning and touch-up process is complete, your technician will meet with you to discuss scheduling your next cabinet cleaning and touch-up service as part of our Cabinet Maintenance Program. Depending on how often you use your kitchen will determine how often we come out to make sure your cabinets are in tip top condition.

Other Cabinet Services from Furniture Medic

The cabinet transformation services from Furniture Medic cover much more than just cleaning and touch-ups. These are all of the different ways our expert technicians can help give your cabinets new life:

Find Professional Cabinet Transformation Services Near You

Transforming your home is likely easier than you think. With professional cabinet cleaning and touch-ups from Furniture Medic, you can get a whole new look at an incredibly affordable price. To learn more about all of the cabinet transformation services available or get a quote, don’t hesitate to contact us today.