No matter how careful you are, unexpected damage can happen during the moving process.

Sometimes, accidents happen. When your moving services clients need support, trust the trained and insured technicians from Furniture Medic to repair and restore damaged furniture, cabinets and more and keep your valued customers happy.

How Furniture Medic Interacts with My Customers

Does Furniture Medic work directly with customers?

When it comes to moving claims, our top priority is making it a smooth process for everyone involved. We can work directly with moving companies, insurance adjusters and homeowners to make sure the job gets done quickly. We will work around the customer’s schedule to find a time that’s most convenient for them.

Where do repairs happen?

In most cases furniture repairs happen on-site. If the extent of the damage is substantial, some furniture may be moved for more in-depth restoration. Our technicians will happily make accommodations for local regulations or sensitive spaces, using low-odor or water-based products to minimize disruption.

Does Furniture Medic work with insurance claims?

Furniture Medic technicians have a complete understanding of valuation and insurance limits of transit-related damage. We work closely with both insurance adjusters and policyholders to bridge the gap and make sure communication is clear and direct. Learn more about the full Furniture Medic insurance claims process here.

Creating a Partnership with Furniture Medic

How does a partnership with Furniture Medic work?

When you partner with Furniture Medic, you can spend your valuable time focusing on the business of moving and let us handle the rest. If damage happens during a move, you can refer the client to us directly. We’ll work with them to assess the extent of the damage and find a time to complete repairs that fits their schedule. You can count on your partnership with Furniture Medic to quickly resolve issues and preserve your relationship with the client.

What can Furniture Medic repair?

Whether the damage to an item is cosmetic or structural, our technicians have the ability to repair and restore furniture to like-new condition. Our specialty areas include:

  • Scratched, chipped, gouged or broken wood furniture
  • Ripped or torn upholstery
  • Ripped or scratched leather
  • Broken or damaged antiques and heirlooms

Damage during the moving process isn’t exclusive to furniture, either. With our residential services we can help with in-home repairs to cabinetry, flooring, millwork and more.

Benefits of Choosing Furniture Medic

Furniture Medic technicians are local.

Thanks to our national network of skilled technicians, we have someone near you ready to help. This means you can spend your time focusing on your moving business and the client can get their repairs completed quickly. We want to build lasting partnerships and provide a resource you know you can count on.

Experience makes a difference.

Furniture Medic technicians receive specialized training and have a unique understanding of the moving industry. This diverse experience means you only have to make one call and your client is on their way to completed repairs.

Processes are streamlined.

From filing a claim to scheduling appointments and everything in between, Furniture Medic provides a single point of contact to streamline the process. We will work with all interested parties to ensure repairs are completed in an efficient and timely manner.

Find Moving Claims Repair Experts Near You

You don’t have to handle moving claims alone. Connect with a Furniture Medic moving claims expert who can guide you through the process and help keep your clients happy.