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Whether it’s damage from fire, water, smoke or vandalism, rely on our trained cabinet and furniture restoration technicians to get your customers back into their property safely and quickly.

You’re the mitigation experts, we’re the furniture, cabinetry and millwork restoration experts. Let’s work together! Before you rip out countertops and throw away damaged cabinets or furniture, let the trained professionals at Furniture Medic assess the damage. Nearly 95% of water- or fire-damaged cabinets can be repaired to pre-loss or like, kind and quality condition quickly while saving countertops and keeping policyholders safe in their homes.

What Sets Our Premium Emergency Cabinet Removal Service Apart

An emergency cabinet removal (ECR) consists of trained Furniture Medic technicians carefully removing or detaching affected cabinets and bracing the countertops in place. This helps reduce further damage to the cabinets, salvages the countertops, allows for easier mitigation and increases habitability and functionality.

When you work with untrained technicians, you’re risking costly mistakes like avoidable damage to improperly supported or — worse yet — unsupported countertops, damage and destruction of salvageable cabinetry and increased costs and cycle times. 

Here's a breakdown of using untrained cabinet removal technicians versus Furniture Medic's trained ECR technicians.

Untrained Cabinet Removal Technicians

  • Broken countertops: Experience much higher instances of countertop breakage.
  • Increased cabinetry damages: Collateral damage increases and salvageable cabinetry may be simply thrown away.
  • Bogged-down resources: Our trained cabinet removal techs are ready to remove cabinets and brace countertops for easier mitigation, so your teams can move onto the next job.
  • Increased costs and cycle time: Repairs can be more extensive and take much longer, and additional living expenses (ALE) may increase. There is also a higher probability for mold to occur.
Untrained Techs Cabinet Removal

Untrained cabinet removal techs removed and destroyed existing cabinetry. A countertop and attached desk were precariously unsupported. The face frames were hanging from the unsupported countertop.

Furniture Medic's ECR Service

  • Expert service: Countertops are well supported to reduce breakage risk and cabinets are saved/removed with care.
  • Safety: Home occupants and other contractors are safer with our countertop support systems.
  • Reduced repair costs: Our knowledgeable team is able to surgically remove and salvage as many reusable cabinet and hardware parts as possible.
  • Happy insurance carriers: ECR can save overall repair time, claim cost and claim cycle time.
  • Happy homeowners: Expert care can significantly reduce the amount of time policyholders are out of their homes and resulting ALE.
Trained Furniture Medic Technicians Cabinet Removal

Furniture Medic was called in to provide support for this countertop after it was left at risk by untrained cabinet removal techs. Unnecessary collateral damage from the removal process increased needed cabinet repairs.

By choosing Furniture Medic as your cabinetry and furniture restoration partner, we can be on-site within 24 to 48 hours to carefully pull out cabinetry and brace countertops in place. With our ECR process, you get clear visibility into those previously unreachable spaces and broader access to stop any further damage from spreading. Furniture Medic works hand-in-glove with you, the insurance adjuster and policyholder for open communication, documentation and resolution.

We take the cabinetry offsite for restoration and repair, which means we’re out of your way while you complete your mitigation work. 

Here’s our at-a-glance ECR process for partnering with mitigation professionals:

  1. Claim assignment is sent to Furniture Medic for the affected cabinets.
  2. Adjuster and policyholder approve Furniture Medic to perform the ECR service.
  3. Furniture Medic carefully removes the affected cabinetry and safely braces countertops, making mitigation easier.
  4. Affected cabinets are brought offsite and Furniture Medic prepares and sends the estimate for repairs and reinstallation.
  5. Estimate is approved, cabinets are repaired and reinstalled.
  6. Carrier releases payment to Furniture Medic.

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