Furniture and cabinet disaster restoration vs. replacement saves money and time.

Disaster Restoration and Repair Plan

Furniture Medic's team of local experts deliver results when water, fire, smoke and other damage strikes homeowners or commercial property.

Damaged furniture, cabinetry and other wood surfaces can be restored to pre-loss or like, kind and quality condition.

Furniture Medic is North America's recognized leader in furniture and cabinet disaster restoration services.

We help our customers, insurance companies, insurance agents, insurance adjusters, and insurance mitigation professionals with disaster recovery.

A Quick Guide to Furniture Medic's Disaster Restoration Services

The repair and restoration of furniture and cabinetry after a disaster requires specialized technical skills.

Furniture Medic’s local experts are trained in every aspect of disaster restoration and insurance claims.

Our Emergency Cabinet Removal service is an example of how we help in unique ways.

This service is designed to get customers back into their property safely, quickly and affordably. We carefully remove cabinets and brace countertops in place to prevent further damage.

This also typically means that customers can continue to use the space during the claims process.

Kitchen cabinet restoration

12 More Ways We Can Help

1. Furniture Medic’s Medic Restoration Network (MRN) vendor program increases savings opportunities.  

Furniture Medic’s trained local technicians work directly with insurance carriers on insurance claims through our MRN Vendor Program.

This industry recognized program offers dependable and quality results to customers.

2. Furniture Medic is the leader in disaster restoration and repair services with decades of experience.  

Furniture Medic offers more than 30 years of industry experience. We’re a proven furniture and cabinetry disaster restoration partner you can trust.  

Our trained experts will ensure the job is done right – the first time.  

Leaders in disaster restoration and repair

3. Furniture Medic provides comprehensive disaster restoration services like no other partner.  

Furniture Medic’s in-depth disaster restoration and insurance claim services are second to none.  

They include water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, smoke damage restoration, and water mitigation services.

4. Furniture Medic’s highly trained technicians are well-known locally as experts in their field.  

Furniture Medic handles every insurance claim with the highest-level of professionalism and care.  

Our experts are well-known locally for a wide range of repair and disaster restoration services. That includes storm damage restoration.

Homeowners flood insurance claim

5. Furniture Medic’s pros are trained in disaster restoration for both flooded kitchens and bathrooms.

Furniture Medic is dedicated to supporting customers with structural damage from water damaged furniture and cabinets.

We partner with insurance agents and insurance adjusters on the toughest bathroom flooding, kitchen flooding and emergency kitchen cabinet removal jobs.

Furniture Medic repairs items exposed to water like water damaged wood furniture, water damaged kitchen cabinets and water damaged bathroom cabinets.

Flooded home disaster restoration

6. Furniture Medic offers a wide range of popular furniture and cabinetry disaster restoration services.

Furniture Medic’s fire damage restoration process provides solutions. That includes for general furniture piece and cabinet repair, water damaged wooden furniture, a flooded kitchen, and kitchen cabinet repair.

We also offer kitchen water damage repair for cabinet doors and each drawer front.

7. Furniture Medic has a wide range of experience working with insurance companies on claims.  

Furniture Medic’s local technicians are experts at navigating the insurance claim process, including storm damage restoration in an affected area.

When customers file an insurance claim we exceed expectations, from their original insurance claim to the completed project.

Home fire insurance claim

8. Furniture Medic offers fire and smoke damage restoration services to top insurance carriers.  

Furniture Medic ensures that smoke damage is addressed and exceeds insurance company and customer expectations.

Our fire damage restoration services resolve fire and smoke damage, eliminate smoke odor, and take care of smoke and soot. 

9. Furniture Medic is committed to 100% customer satisfaction.  

Furniture Medic’s certified and trained technicians ensure that the questions and concerns of customers are handled quickly and efficiently.

We’re committed to the 100% satisfaction of insurance carriers and every insurance customer.

Furniture Medic is the leader in disaster restoration customer satisfaction

10. Furniture Medic is a full-service furniture and cabinet disaster restoration leader.  

Furniture Medic takes care of extensive disaster restoration needs. That includes storm damage repair, furniture water damage, kitchen water damage, cabinet removal, smoke damage, fire damage, and vandalism damage.

Our experts provide top notch service from start to finish. .

11. Furniture Medic is a leader in disaster restoration and repairs claims compared to the competition.  

Furniture Medic’s trained experts work with the most seasoned insurance companies, insurance agents and mitigation professionals.  

We’re not afraid to put our services to the test when it comes to our competition.

Furniture Medic partners with insurance companies on disaster restoration

12. Furniture Medic is experienced in the complex disaster restoration service and insurance claim process.  

Furniture Medic’s trained technicians have more than three decades of experience in insurance quotes and claims. We’re skilled at navigating the complex disaster restoration process.

From insurance for homeowners who have filed a claim to the commercial insurance claims process. We tackle every challenge and every square foot. We also provide high quality customer service and unmatched craftmanship.

Disaster restoration help

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