From functional issues to cosmetic eyesores, don’t let damaged office furniture be your customers’ first impression.

Dings, dents, scratches, broken drawers and chipped corners on your office furniture detract from the things that matter. Plus, functional furniture is a key to the comfort of your employees and serves as a first impression for your customers and clients, too. 

Even minor office furniture repairs can make a big difference, and including furniture repairs as part of your regular maintenance schedule can save you from more costly repairs down the road.

Common Furniture Damage Worth Repairing

At Furniture Medic, we specialize in wood and laminate office furniture, including seating, bookshelves, desks and tables. So when your boardroom table gets a water ring or your front reception desk has been scuffed with a suitcase one too many times, rely on us to seamlessly fix the damage.

From small-scale finish fixes to larger structural repairs, we can often repair your office furniture and save you from opting for a full replacement. Commercial repair services for wood and laminate office furniture damage include:

  • Water damage, including watermarks and water rings
  • Nicks, scrapes, gouges and scuffs
  • Chipped or missing wood, laminate or veneer
  • Discoloration
  • Structural issues
  • Missing components in need of refabrication

Your Office Furniture Evaluation Checklist

To keep your property looking good and functional, consider adding this short checklist to your regular assessment. 

  1. Check out furniture corners and feet. Any dents, gouges or missing pieces? 
  2. Remove any protective or decorative coverings, like coasters or trays, and see if there’s any hidden damage from water seepage.
  3. Open and close furniture doors and drawers. Is there any stickiness? Do they close correctly?
  4. Test out the stability of chairs. Do they wobble, separate (base from back), or have any other wear and tear?
  5. Look over storage and shelving units. Are the shelves sagging? Is there broken trim?

Benefits of Working with Furniture Medic

Your employees and customers notice the little things, and Furniture Medic is trained to notice the little things, too. Allow our technicians to become part of your property management team for furniture repairs and keep your space in top condition. From a straightforward estimation to onsite repairs scheduled during times that work best for your business, you’ll find expert service and quality restoration every time. 

Find an Office Furniture Repair Expert Near You

If you’re ready to get your property looking sharp, contact your local Furniture Medic technician to talk about your needed repairs. You can also learn more about our Commercial Maintenance Program for ongoing maintenance and the benefits of opening a corporate account.

Do you manage multiple locations? Consider signing up for a corporate account. You’ll have a single point of contact no matter the job location, unified billing, centralized pricing and more.