A pricey and overwhelming kitchen renovation project is not your only option.


You may think you need to shell out tens of thousands of dollars in renovations to get the kitchen of your dreams.

Not so fast! You can actually get the kitchen you've always wanted — without the hassle of an expensive full kitchen renovation.

There are tons of choices, even for the most frugal, to completely transform a dull, drab kitchen to fabulous in a short period of time.  

Below are 3 easy options for a new kitchen and new you:

1. Transform Your Kitchen: Cabinet Cleaning and Touch Ups  


Kitchen cabinet cleaning and touch ups are designed to revive and revitalize your kitchen quickly and affordably without any disruptions to your day-to-day life. Grease, grime and gunk builds up over time and leaves your kitchen cabinets looking dingy. An in-depth cleaning will restore your cabinets to their original bright and beautiful look.

After that, kitchen cabinet touch ups will finish the look by helping eliminate any signs of wear and tear. The comprehensive process removes dirt and grime, repairs chips and scratches, and makes your kitchen look like new.

Ultimately, by giving your cabinets a thorough cleaning and touching them up, you’ll see immediate results and tremendous value. Here’s why:

You’ll spend (a lot) less.

Cabinet cleaning and touch ups are an affordable alternative to full kitchen cabinet replacement and a kitchen renovation. Skilled experts will repair even the most damaged cabinets and restore them to look like-new again.

So consider getting an estimate for kitchen cleaning and touch ups before you decide to invest in replacement. That way, you’ll see for yourself how much you can save.

You’ll experience limited disruptions.

Kitchen cabinet cleaning and touch up services also won’t disrupt your daily life. Skilled experts can work around your schedule when they come to your home. And they can typically complete their work in one day. This saves you both the time and stress associated with a kitchen renovation.

You’ll lengthen the life of your cabinets.

Kitchen cabinet cleaning and touch ups can offer long term protection and improved durability. And you can schedule regular cleaning and touch up services as part of a Cabinet Maintenance Program to keep your kitchen cabinets looking spectacular.

For example, experts can visit your home every six months or annually. It all depends on how often you use your kitchen. They’ll help you develop a plan that’s tailored to your unique needs and based on your schedule.

2. Cabinet Color Changes, Painting and Refinishing  


Kitchen cabinet color changes, painting and refinishing can completely refresh the appearance of your cabinets. Skilled technicians will remove surface damage like dings, dents and scratches.

They’ll also preserve as much as of the original look of your cabinets as possible. You’ll get the joy of a full kitchen remodel without having to replace them altogether.

A transformation that’s like magic.

A kitchen cabinet color change, painting and refinishing can transform any outdated kitchen into an unforgettable space like magic without the expense of a full kitchen remodel. Professional spray equipment and coatings are used to make sure you get a high-end upgrade and long-lasting finish.  

Trained professionals will work with you to create kitchen cabinets that combine your budget and style.

No constant worries or hassles.

Professional technicians take the worry out of a kitchen cabinet color change, painting and refinishing. They’ll provide color samples and detailed project estimates. And they’ll use the best tools and techniques to clean, prep, and paint or refinish your cabinets.

Quick, easy and unforgettable cabinet and table staining.

Staining your kitchen cabinets is a great way to quickly, and easily, change their appearance. This will also show off their natural wood highlights and bring out the beauty of your cabinets’ original grain.  

Kitchen and dining room table staining is another way to give you that completed look. But like with transforming your cabinets, seasoned professionals are necessary to ensure it’s done right, and you achieve the desired results.

3.  Refacing and Redooring Your Kitchen Cabinets  


Kitchen cabinet refacing and redooring will transform your kitchen from drab to incredible. You’ll get almost instant results without all the mess and expense of a kitchen remodel.

Get that instant ‘wow’ factor: Kitchen cabinet refacing.

Kitchen cabinet refacing begins with selecting your preferred door and drawer front style, material and color. Your existing cabinet fronts and molding will be removed.  

Then, the cabinet box face frames and exposed panels will be prepped and cleaned. After that, cabinet frames are covered with a matching veneer, new matching end panels and moldings.     

Refacing cabinets also includes installing new hinges and the option to replace drawer boxes if needed. And finally, new hardware will enhance the look and functionality of your kitchen cabinets.

Truly unforgettable: Kitchen cabinet redooring.

Kitchen cabinet redooring is another fantastic option for those who want to enhance their kitchen quickly and cost effectively. The process replaces cabinet fronts and hinges to provide an almost instantly updated appearance.

Cabinet redooring is also faster than kitchen cabinet refacing or a full kitchen remodel. The installation process is typically done in a day or two. In addition, the savings can be up to 75% in comparison to having your kitchen completely renovated.

And this can be an affordable way to increase your home’s value if you’re looking to put your home on the market.

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