What is Commercial Maintenance?

Commercial maintenance includes the restoration and repair of a business' wood furniture, cabinetry, paneling, crown molding, baseboards, doors, elevators and more.  

Regular commercial maintenance services keep customers happy, satisfied and coming back.

When customers walk into a commercial business they’re immediately left with an impression. Whether it’s positive or negative, that impression has a direct impact on the bottom line of any business.

Paying attention to the details through commercial maintenance also builds a strong reputation for businesses that brings new customers through their doors.


Furniture Medic's trained experts offer superior commercial maintenance programs. We'll take care of first impressions and beyond so you can focus on running your business.

To ensure your property stays looking like it did on opening day, these are Furniture Medic’s 15 must know strategies for regular commercial property maintenance:

1. Create a Maintenance Schedule.

Schedule Commercial Maintenance

The top way to keep your property in peak condition is to set up a regular maintenance schedule.

This will ensure that it gets the attention needed on a consistent basis.

2. Make Repairs Quickly.

Hotel Lobby Wood Restoration and Repairs

If you spot any damage to your property, make sure to address it as soon as possible.

Timely repairs can help to prevent additional damage.

3. Clean Regularly.

Hotel Maintenance

Regular cleaning and restoration is essential for maintaining a commercial business’ fresh appearance.

That includes repairing and touching up your furniture, floors and cabinets.

4. Inspect Regularly.

Maintaining Doctor's Office Lobby

Visual inspections are a great way to spot small issues before they become big problems.

You’ll need to ensure that all areas of your property are inspected on a regular basis.

5. Fix What’s Broken.

Front Desk Repair

If you spot any broken furniture, cabinetry or millwork, get it fixed as soon as possible.

This will help to prevent any further damage and is a vital part of regular commercial maintenance.

6. Keep It Organized.

Corporate Apartment Maintenance

Clutter can quickly build up in a commercial property.

Keep all areas of your property organized and tidy to prevent clutter from taking over.

7. Regularly Check for Pests.

Pest Control and Commercial Property Maintenance

It goes without saying that pests can cause tremendous damage to your commercial property.

Remember to check all areas of your property for any signs of pests.  

Some wood destroying insects can lead to damage to wood furnishings, trim work and more that will need to be restored.

8. Repair Doors.

Commercial Property Restoration

Doors take a lot of wear and tear. Keep them in top condition by inspecting and repairing any damage on a regular basis.

9.  Touch Up Elevator Interiors.

Commercial Elevator Wood Restoration

Elevator interiors typically have an unusual buildup of scuffs, chips and nicks.

Inspect them regularly and stay ahead of the damage. Elevators are where your customers will always get a closeup view of any issues.

10. Maintain Millwork.

Commercial Wood Molding Repair

Millwork adds character and personality to a commercial property.

But wood molding repair, and other wood restoration, needs to be part of regular commercial maintenance services to keep it looking it’s best.

11. Clean and Touch Up Window Molding.

Commercial Window Restoration

The molding around your business’s windows gets more attention than other areas.

Because you don’t want customers looking at scrapes and dings instead of the view, you need to check window molding for damage often and make needed repairs.

12. Restore Wood Floors and Furniture.

Wood Floor Repair

Wood floors and furniture can quickly become dull and scuffed, especially in areas that get a lot of traffic.

It’s important to schedule frequent wood floor repair and furniture restoration. 

13. Touch Up and Clean Cabinetry.

Commercial Cabinet Cleaning

Commercial cabinets can become particularly dirty and damaged over time.

They must be a priority when it comes to routine commercial maintenance services like cabinet cleaning, repairs and touch ups to ensure they stay looking fresh and clean.

14. Maintain Wood Paneling, Chair Railing and Other Wainscoting.


Commercial wood panels, chair railing and other wainscoting can give any lobby or other space a touch of class.

Routine professional commercial maintenance is the answer to keeping these prominent wood features pristine.

15. Hire Furniture Medic’s Trained Professionals!

Commercial Maintenance Services Consultation

The commercial maintenance services offered by your local Furniture Medic experts can keep your property in top condition.  

Contact us to learn more about our popular commercial maintenance program and services today.  

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