Cabinets and hardware account for a significant amount of a renovation budget. Make the right choice by understanding your style, finish and feature options.

Cabinets can make or break a room. Whether you’re staying put or looking to sell, wanting an on-site cabinet clean and touch-up, needing repairs, or refinishing or refacing your cabinets, replacing hardware and maximizing storage can make a big impact. And according to Home Advisor, these items can take nearly 30% of your kitchen renovation budget.

Check out these beautiful cabinet trends and find out how we can help you create a refreshed cabinet look without a total replacement.

Trendy & Classic Cabinet Door Styles

From kitchen cabinet trends to kitchen island ideas, there’s a little something for everyone. While traditional cabinetry profiles remain popular for new construction, remodeling trends lean more toward Shaker style or modern, flat doors. 

  • Traditional cabinet doors, also known as raised-panel doors, feature millwork and detailing including extra moldings and trim work for a substantial feel.
  • Shaker-style cabinet fronts, or recessed-panel cabinets, feature simple, square-paneled doors and straddle contemporary and classic styles.
  • Flat-front cabinet doors are just that — no hardware, no detailing and very modern.
  • Farmhouse-style cabinetry often incorporates a mix of finishes like natural wood and painted pieces, decorative cabinet feet and may even use door inserts like glass and wire mesh.

Statement-Making Cabinet Hardware

While sleek nickel hardware and faucets are classic for a reason, copper and brass continue to be stylish options that make a huge impact. Black handles and drawer pulls almost instantly update cabinetry to feel on-trend, especially if you’re after a modern farmhouse look.

  • Oversized drawer and door pulls range from six inches to 21 inches and work best for minimalist, modern kitchens.
  • Classic latches instead of knobs fit well with Shaker-style cabinets for more decorative, less-used cabinetry. (For everyday use, latches may be a bit more cumbersome than normal knobs.)
  • Mixed metals and finishes are no longer a no-no. Whether you’re aiming to keep your stainless steel appliances and update to brass hardware or want to incorporate matte black pulls on your kitchen island while maintaining your nickel cabinet hardware elsewhere, stick to the 80/20 rule and you’ll be set.

Other Cabinet Solutions to Consider

When you’re making an investment in your kitchen, it’s helpful to know what other cabinet solutions may make your space function better and look better, too. 

  • Integrated appliances make your refrigerator, dishwasher, beverage drawers and more disappear behind customized cabinet panels.
  • Lower pull-out drawers instead of cabinets give easier access to pots, pans and other must-have utensils.
  • Open shelving puts everyday items within easy reach and those showstopping items on display.
  • A statement kitchen island stands out from the rest of your cabinets by design. You can swap surfaces, paint or stain color and hardware here for a truly custom look.

Opting for a Cabinet Clean & Touch-up Can Go a Long Way

Get professional deep clean and wear-and-tear touch-ups for your cabinetry without lifting a finger. Choose Furniture Medic’s On-Site Cabinet Cleaning & Touch-Up Service and any visible cabinetry surface gets professionally cleaned, including cabinet fronts, face frames and visible end panels. Plus, our trained Furniture Medic technicians provide minor touch-ups using precision wood repair techniques as needed. For much less than the cost of cabinet refacing or total renovation, you’ll get the look and feel of a cabinet refresh.

Find Cabinet Refacing & Repair Pros Near You

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