Need Help Assembling Your New Furniture?

Opt for our furniture assembly service, which takes place onsite at your home or commercial property.

Often, you can save some money by buying “assembly required” furniture. But if you’re not ready to DIY, call in the pros at Furniture Medic to build out your flat-pack furniture, office furniture, grills and more at a fraction of the cost of opting for pre-assembled.

Types of Furniture Assembly Services Offered by Furniture Medic

Ready-to-assemble furniture, also called kit furniture, flat-pack furniture or knock-down furniture, means instead of a finished piece, you receive a box or carton with components, fasteners and hardware along with instructions to build it yourself. Whether you have a whole house or office of new furniture ready to be assembled, or you just need help getting that changing table built before the baby arrives, Furniture Medic technicians can help.

Common types of furniture requiring assembly include:

  • Flat-pack furniture for home or office
  • Entertainment centers
  • Storage shelving
  • Garage cabinets
  • IKEA® furniture
  • Bed frames
  • Dressers
  • Filing cabinets
  • Desks
  • Desk chairs
  • Tables
  • Grills
  • Vanities

If you need help building an item not listed here, give us a call and we can provide an estimate.

When it’s Worth Hiring the Pros from Furniture Medic

Offloading furniture assembly projects to a Furniture Medic technician means you get peace of mind that your furniture is assembled correctly and efficiently without causing you any added stress. From setting up a new office to putting together the finishing touches for a refreshed space, no assembly task is too big or too small.

Professional assembly happens on-site, whether it’s at your home or commercial space. Regardless of location, your technician will coordinate assembly for a time convenient to you.

And if you have more than one location (or locations in different regions), we can work with you through our Corporate Account program for streamlined pricing and billing.

Find a Furniture Assembly Technician Near You

If you’re ready to hire out the furniture-building tasks on your to-do list, find your local Furniture Medic technician.