Furniture Medic Disaster Restoration

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Don’t throw away furniture or cabinetry damaged in a disaster. Furniture Medic technicians can transform them back to their original, pristine condition.

If a disaster strikes in your home or business office, you might think you need to buy new furniture to replace damaged items. But there's a more cost-effective way to revamp your rooms and office space. Furniture Medic’s disaster restoration services can repair any room, cabinetry or furniture damaged by a disaster. Learn more about these reconditioning services and why after a disaster, homeowners and businesses are choosing to repair and restore.

What is Disaster Restoration?

Disaster restoration services restore and repair furniture and cabinetry damaged by natural or manmade disasters. Furniture Medic has over 30 years of experience rescuing components of the home that owners never thought possible. We believe in saving, not dumping damaged items. There’s no better feeling than transforming a fire or water-damaged piece back to its original, beautiful condition. Discover how skilled Furniture Medic technicians can get you back on your feet after disaster strikes.

Restoration Services

Water Damage Restoration

A major water leak or flood can severely damage your home or business. Luckily, our expert technicians have many years of experience minimizing or undoing water damage. Popular water damage restoration services include repairing countertops, sinks and bathroom cabinets.

Here’s one memorable restoration service we provided for a homeowner. The under-the-sink kitchen cabinets were damaged after a water leak. The onsite restoration process was quick, efficient and did not disrupt the homeowner’s day-to-day life.

Fire Damage Restoration

It may feel like your rooms and furniture cannot come back from fire or burn damage, but the talented Furniture Medic technicians are skilled at restoring pieces to their pre-loss condition. Almost 95% of cabinetry can be repaired and restored after damage.

One of our most noteworthy restoration experiences was for the House of Shields restaurant in  San Francisco, CA. Virginia Kelley and Christopher Gilbert (Furniture Medic franchise owners) shared:    

We spent three months removing 100 years worth?of smoke and grime from the 18' high walls, bar top and coffered ceilings, revealing the stunning original mahogany wood underneath. With technicians working five days a week, sometimes in the dark (with papered over windows) and on scaffolding and scissor lifts, this painstaking restoration was very rewarding once the beauty was revealed.”

Cabinet Disaster Restoration

Depending on the cabinet damage, your Furniture Medic technician can recommend the appropriate disaster restoration service. This can range from painting and color staining to replacing doors and repairing structures. The following are just a few of the popular restoration services Furniture Medic provides.

Type of Cabinet Damage

Recommended Restoration Service 

Why You Should Get This Service

Water damaged, burnt, broken, cracked, scratched doors 

Cabinet Refacing

If the exterior of your cabinets are damaged, but the structure or bones are in good condition, you can simply replace the doors, drawers and pulls. 

Instead of buying a brand new cabinet, save 50% of your cost with cabinet refacing. 

Faded or dull-looking exterior 

Cabinet Painting & Staining

If your cabinetry has minimal exterior damage, consider a repaint or color stain. 

Our expert technicians use professional paint sprayer machinery that produces a glossy paint coat and a clean finish. 

Severe damage that requires immediate cabinet or countertop removal. 

Emergency Cabinet Removal Service

Sometimes, to proceed with repair a countertop or cabinet must be removed from its original location.

Our technicians carefully remove the damaged items and repair them offsite.

Furniture Disaster Restoration

It’s not just cabinets, we rescue. We also repair various home and office furniture. If a favorite chair has holes or ripped seams, you don’t have to say goodbye to it. Our upholstery services can mend the seams and make your chair look good as new again. 

Tears and rips on a leather sofa or stool can distract from its beauty. Our leather services can repair these abrasions. You can also request touchup services that will repair flaps, burns or worn-out areas.  

Additional Repair and Restoration Services

If you’re in need of a different restoration service than the aforementioned options, our talented Furniture Medic technicians can help. Here’s a highlight of other restoration services 

Additional Furniture Medic Restoration Services:

Find a Disaster Restoration Expert Near You

Disaster damage doesn’t mean it's the end of the road for your cabinetry and furniture. A Furniture Medic technician can bring back their original beauty and functionality. Contact us today to get a quote and learn more about our disaster restoration services.