Prepare Your Business to Welcome Back Customers

Re-opening your business for in-person customers? Learn how you can create a welcoming atmosphere.

After almost a 2-year pandemic-induced shutdown, it's finally time to welcome back your loyal customers for in-person business. While your business may have survived with online shopping options, nothing can replace the in-person shopping experience. 

Whether you’re a commercial store, hotel, or corporate office, you need to create a welcoming atmosphere to encourage customers and employees to come back. Discover the essential Furniture Medic restoration and repair services that can help transform your business and wow customers when they walk through the doors.

Revamping Your Hotel

Adventurous travelers are ready to explore the world again. The hospitality industry is fiercely competitive so how do you position your hotel as the number one choice for potential and returning guests? You create a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere.

Touch Ups & Image Enhancement

Revamping doesn’t mean you need to buy new furniture. You can transform your existing furniture, giving it a fresh new look and a longer lifespan. Furniture’s Medic’s hotel repair and restoration services are specifically designed to enhance your hotel’s aesthetic. 

Our skilled technicians remove watermarks, scratches and everyday wear and tear to make your guest rooms, conference rooms and event spaces look polished and modern. The expert technicians use specialized techniques to bring life back to your furniture, fixtures and walls. 

Furniture Medic technicians work onsite and adhere to your hotel schedule so we don’t get in your guests’ way. One easy way to ensure your hotel is living up to your guests’ high standards? Create a Furniture Medic corporate account to regularly schedule property maintenance for your hotel. This ensures maintenance occurs on a consistent basis. 

Furniture Medic hotel services include:

  • On-site touch-up and repair to furniture, millwork, cabinets and moldings.
  • Image enhancement to lobby areas, elevators, furniture and paneling in hotel rooms, suites, meeting rooms and ballrooms.
  • Color-change and surface reconditioning services, using mostly water-based products.
  • Joint stabilization to assure structural rigidity and strength.
  • Minimal downtime and inconvenience.
  • Same-day use of most repaired or restored furniture and surfaces.

Reopening Your Corporate Office

After working remotely it may feel strange to come back to work in an office. But there are many positives to working in an office again including more social interaction with your favorite co-workers, better communication between team members and decreased screen time. One way to make the return more exciting is to create a visually appealing and friendly office space.

Cabinet and Conference Table Restoration

No one wants to return to a dull, lifeless office. Liven up your office atmosphere with our commercial repair & restoration services. Our technicians can give your office furniture and rooms a well-polished look. Everything in your space will look good as new even though it’s been sitting idle and collecting dust.

Furniture Medic commercial restoration and repair services include:

  • Conference tables, chairs, and desks.
  • Bookshelves and storage units.
  • Millwork, including doors, banisters, mantels, and molding.
  • Elevator cabs.
  • Interior trim work.
  • Reception areas, including built-in cabinetry.
  • Cabinet repair and restoration.
  • Cabinet resurfacing.
  • Wood floor repairs.
  • Punch lists.

Repairing Your Restaurant 

Eating at a restaurant is everyone’s favorite pastime. After a stressful day, we look forward to going out for a drink or dinner with co-workers, friends, or family. You may have focused more on take-outs and deliveries during the pandemic, but now it’s time to restore your restaurant to create an enhanced in-person dining experience.

Color-Change and Surface Reconditioning


Repainting (also known as color-changing) your booths, tables and chairs can give your restaurant a fresh new look. You can also recondition tabletop surfaces to regain their glossy sheen. 

It’s not only the food that adds to the dining experience; it’s the restaurant's look, cleanliness and service that contribute to how many customers will come back. Furniture Medic’s restaurant repair and restoration services will help create an inviting dining experience.

Furniture Medic restaurant services include:

  • On-site touch-up and repair to tables, millwork, cabinets, moldings and interior doors.
  • Wood furnishings and veneer repair.
  • Image enhancement to elevators, furniture and paneling.
  • Color-change and surface reconditioning services, using mostly water-based products.
  • Joint stabilization to assure structural rigidity and strength.
  • Minimal downtime and inconvenience.
  • Same-day use of most repaired or restored furniture and surfaces.

Create a Corporate Account with Furniture Medic

When you create a corporate account with Furniture Medic it’s easy to service all your business’s restoration, repair and maintenance needs. A Furniture Medic technician can help transform your store, hotel or office and keep it that way with a regular service schedule. Contact us today to get a quote and learn more about our corporate repair and transformation services.