4 Restorations to Increase Employee Satisfaction

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Re-opening your office for in-person workers? Learn how you can create a welcoming atmosphere.

With employees returning to work onsite, employers are looking for new opportunities to boost morale and productivity. This includes revamping workspaces to be both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. 

If you’re seeking ways to improve employee satisfaction at your business, consider renovating with the help of a trusted Furniture Medic technician. The following are areas where you can make your business stand out from the rest and wow your employees. 

Transform Your Cabinets & Storage Spaces


Look around any business and you’ll start to notice how essential cabinetry is. Furniture Medic offers numerous cabinet transformation services to update the look of your business and benefit your employees. These are some of the options to consider.

    • Cabinet Cleaning & Touch Ups. If your cabinetry has minor scratches, nicks and dings, cabinet cleaning and touch ups can make it look as good as new. In addition to saving you money, this service will increase durability and help extend the cabinet’s life.
    • Cabinet Color Change. You don’t need to replace perfectly functional cabinets just to get a fresh look. Cabinet color changes provide an all-new appearance that transforms your rooms.
    • Cabinet Refacing & Redooring. If you want a refreshed cabinet look, but don’t want all the expense that comes with total replacement, cabinet refacing and redooring is the best way to go. In this process, only the doors will be replaced with a new style of your choosing. You can also choose new hardware to modernize your look.

Upgrade Your Meeting Spaces 


With employees returning to offices, face-to-face collaboration is more important than ever before. Make sure your space offers areas where employees want to gather. For example, the conference table is the centerpiece of office life. It’s not only where you meet internally, but where you interview new hires and conduct business with clients.

A conference table should look professional and polished, making a statement about what your company represents. If your conference table has seen better days, let Furniture Medic technicians give it new life. We’re highly skilled at wood repairs, and can make everything from deep gouges to water rings disappear.

Revamp Common Spaces

Common spaces in establishments like hotels, restaurants and office buildings are essential to both customer and employee satisfaction. Try these restoration services to make your business truly stand out from the competition. 

Lobby and Reception Area Restoration

No matter who’s walking through the doors, the lobby or reception area of any business must make a great first impression. This is where your employees will be interacting with clients and customers, and often spending most of their working hours.

Furniture Medic’s many commercial services offer image enhancement touch-ups, color-changes and surface reconditioning to make your entry spaces shine. When employees are proud of where they work, they’re more likely to refer friends, family and other people to the business, and will take greater enjoyment in spending their days there.

Furniture Restoration 

Another critical aspect of areas like lobbies is the furniture. You want your employees to have a comfortable working environment, and the same goes for customers. If you find your sofas sagging or your tables wobbling, trust Furniture Medic to handle any necessary furniture restoration

Most furniture repairs occur onsite with minimal disruption to your employees day-to-day work.  When employees see you prioritize their needs and that these restorations will not inconvenience them, it creates a whole new appreciation for your business.

Corporate Account Services 

As a business owner, maintenance and repairs are never-ending. Instead of spending time searching for one-off services, consider setting up a Furniture Medic Corporate Account. With a corporate account, a skilled technician will work with you to develop a regular maintenance schedule to keep your spaces in pristine condition.

Plus, regularly scheduled maintenance shows your employees you’re dedicated to the business and creating a positive work environment. This helps build mutual respect and even loyalty to stick with a company for the long-term.

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Happy, satisfied employees will provide better service to your customers. If your employees are returning to an onsite or hybrid work environment, consider revamping your workplace to increase their satisfaction. Contact us today to get a quote and learn more about our corporate repair and transformation services.