Cabinet Color Trends to Transform Your Home

Want to give your cabinets a new look? Discover new and classic color trends that can transform your cabinetry and your home.

Are you feeling the urge to refresh your home’s look? Instead of opting for expensive home renovations, exhausting DIY projects or ineffectively rearranging your furniture, you can choose a faster and less expensive design option. Color changing your cabinets. 

Why cabinets? Cabinets take up a majority of any room they inhabit so updating their colors will not only revamp the cabinetry, but will also make a room feel new and vibrant. There are so many color options to choose from. Discover which color trends can transform your cabinets into a beautiful statement piece.  

What Are the Top Cabinet Color Trends of 2022?

As the influx of work-from-home options has increased, homeowners are spending more time around the house than ever before. This has resulted in a desire to revamp living spaces into a positive, bright environment that’s functional for work, but also a place of refuge and relaxation. The home and kitchen cabinet color trends for 2021, 2022 and beyond are leaning towards bright, optimistic colors.

Brighter Green and Blues

Bright greens that almost resemble the color of grass are becoming more popular. This color easily complements existing dark colors or decorations in a room. Bright green provides an airy, light feel. 

Blue colors continue to be popular as well. Periwinkle blue offers a light blue touch without being too overwhelming. Bolder homeowners may also choose the regal Peacock blue to give their cabinets a vibrant and majestic look.  

Textured Colors 

If you’re not comfortable with bright colors and want a more sophisticated look, choose to highlight the texture of your cabinet. Special cabinet transformation services from Furniture Medic such as refinishing will not only upgrade the color of your cabinet, but also showcase its beautiful natural material.

Timeless Cabinet Colors

If keeping up with trends doesn’t motivate you, choose a classic color option that will always be in style. Although it may limit your color options, choosing a classic color means you won’t have to repaint if a color cabinet trend goes out of style. 

All White

White is associated with brightness, cleanliness, airiness and lightness. This classic color will always be a popular color choice, especially for kitchens. As many as 47% of kitchens are painted white versus other colors like black or gray. If you want to create an illusion of a bigger space, choose pure white and/or creamy tones for your cabinets.

Black & White

Light and dark colors always complement each other. This is why black and white is a popular combination for kitchen cabinets. Black balances the white tones, giving the room a sense of depth and also highlighting the lighter tones. White balances the dark tones to ensure the room still feels light and spacious.

Services for Cabinet Color Changes

Once you’ve decided on the perfect color, it’s time to choose a cabinet color change service. Luckily, at Furniture Medic, you have a wide selection of services to choose from. Discover more about each process and see which one is a good fit for you and your desired cabinet look.    


Furniture Medic technicians take pride in their cabinet painting projects. They aren’t simply using paint brushes to apply a new coat of paint. They’re highly skilled technicians who utilize  professional equipment to give your cabinets a beautiful, colorful, glossy factory-style finish, straight off the showroom floor.


If the textured trend appeals to you, cabinet refinishing is a great option. Refinishing will highlight your cabinet’s natural features underneath the paint color. For example, if you choose to stain a wood cabinet, a thin coat of paint is applied and the finished result would show the paint and wood material underneath. Refinishing gives your cabinetry a unique, refined look that’s different from cabinets available at a home improvement store. 


If you wish to replace the doors of your cabinets in your color upgrade, you can choose cabinet refacing. This option replaces the doors while keeping the existing structure of your cabinetry in place. Refacing is a good option if you want a new door style for your cabinets. With this fresh canvas you can also choose to upgrade your handles and hardware for a distinctive look.

Find Cabinet Services Near You

We can’t wait to collaborate with you on your next cabinet transformation. It’s an exciting and easy way to revamp the look of any room in your home. Contact us today to get a quote and learn more about our cabinet transformation services.