Water-Damaged Antique Wood that’s Worth Saving

From fixing water rings on wooden tabletops to repairing water-logged furniture, trust an expert to get your prized antique in top condition.

From drink rings to flooding, water damage can come in many forms. Unfortunately for cherished antiques and family heirlooms, even a small blemish can make a big impact. And water can wreak havoc on furniture legs, veneered pieces and door panels. So what are your options if water has seeped its way into your beloved antique?

Considerations for Water-Damaged Wooden Antiques & Heirlooms

Depending on the extent of damage, and the value (sentimental or appraised) you associate with your heirloom, you’ll be able to gauge if the antique repair and restoration cost is worth it for you.

If your wooden heirloom is made from solid wood or wood veneer over solid wood construction, it can often withstand restoration work. Even if the furniture has loose joints from deteriorated glue or water-damaged joinery, our skilled technicians can repair and stabilize it for years to come. 

Sometimes, the value of your antique will actually increase if restored. When water damage only impacts the surface (finish) layer, the mark will appear as a white, cloudy spot. If water seeps deeper, though, that mark can turn darker and seep into the actual wood surface. Often, surface-level damage can be repaired for a flawless patina. 

How We Repair Water-Damaged Antiques

If the damaged piece is still retaining water, it needs to be dried slowly to prevent or limit warping of the wood. Once fully dry, your skilled Furniture Medic technician will evaluate the visible damage — and the entire piece as a whole — paying special attention to any joints and veneered or paneled sections. 

From there, the trained technician will carefully clean the piece and complete repairs and restoration as needed. This includes applying specialty varnishes, color-matching discolored areas and refabricating or mending broken parts. Once your water-damaged antique is fully restored, we will deliver it back to you based on your schedule. 

Find a Wooden Antique Restoration Expert Near You

If you’re ready to learn about your options for your water-damaged antiques, reach out to your local Furniture Medic technician.