About Furniture Medic

Founded in 1992, Furniture Medic has become the world's largest and most respected furniture repair and wood restoration company.

Thanks to market demand and the company’s unparalleled professionalism, Furniture Medic has grown to one of the world's largest wood and furniture restoration companies.

Consumers and business owners have responded overwhelmingly to being able to restore, not replace, worn or damaged furniture. The unique service, delivered by consummate professionals, gives consumers and business owners alternatives for furniture restoration they may never have thought possible in the past.

The founder of Furniture Medic found himself in need of furniture repair and restoration services after moving into a new home. He had some furniture that had been severely damaged and other pieces that had dents and dings. He wasn't interested in replacing all his furniture, so he researched alternative solutions and found that most refinishing shops had extremely long turnaround times. This led him to the idea of Furniture Medic—a company that could repair and restore furniture on site. This ability to restore and repair furniture on site makes Furniture Medic attractive to both home owners and businesses.

Since its founding, Furniture Medic has grown to more than 300 locations across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, Furniture Medic is one of seven companies in the ServiceMaster Family of Brands, which offer a wide range of related home care, commercial and restoration services. For more information on these market-leading companies, click here.

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Entrepreneur magazine has recognized Furniture Medic as the No. 1 furniture repair and restoration home-based franchise business in the United States for 10 years running.